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Who We Work With

We specialize in working with both younger professional families and those approaching and entering retirement, primarily in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  For our working families, we help them to lay a strong foundation so they are able to achieve their long-term goals.  For those close to retirement, we provide a plan to achieve a successful financial transition to retirement and support throughout their next phase of life.  

Young Families

You are busy, working professionals that want to be sure you are set up for long-term success.  You know you should be doing more and don't have the time to manage it yourself.  You want to work with an expert to help guide your way.  Here are some of the key areas where we provide support:

  • Prioritizing and optimizing savings/investments to align with your goals
  • Planning for children’s education funding
  • Evaluating work benefit options
  • Maximizing your available tax benefits
  • Evaluating and adjusting levels of tax withholding
  • Assessing appropriate levels of life and disability insurance coverage
  • Clear and cohesive investment approach


Here are some of the key areas where we provide support: 

  • Determining if you have “enough” to retire and live the way you want
  • How to pay yourself in retirement from your assets and fixed income
  • Developing a plan to achieve tax diversification of your assets
  • Clear and cohesive investment approach
  • Evaluating options for maximizing Social Security 
  • Understanding your options around Medicare and planning to avoid increased premiums  
  • Gifting and Charitable planning in a tax efficient way
  • Evaluating your estate planning to be sure your plans align with your goals