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Our Story

Tom Alf founded Clerestory Advisors in 2008 driven by the desire to help people achieve their financial goals.  Tom got his start in accounting and business as a CPA, controller and CFO before transitioning into financial planning.  He discovered the corporate world was not a good fit for him.  He wanted to help people, not corporations, improve their financial well-being.  

Tom chose the name Clerestory because financial planning, like architecture, is an equally analytical and creative process.  He feels passionately that client interests always come first.  Clients appreciate informed, unbiased guidance during the decision making process.  Clerestory provides true comprehensive planning which is far more than just managing investments. 

In 2015 Tom's daughter joined the Clerestory team. Liz transitioned into financial planning from the world of secondary education.  She brought along her passion for teaching and problem solving to her work with clients.  Tom was thrilled to have her working alongside him.  As Liz developed close relationships with clients and expanded her knowledge, Tom realized that he would be able to pursue his goal of an ultimate family succession plan.

As of 2022, Tom transitioned into retirement and Liz  transitioned into the role of firm owner.  She is proud to continue and expand her father’s vision of helping people achieve their financial dreams.

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