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Clerestory (klir-stOr-E) \ An outside wall of a room that rises above with windows admitting daylight

What are the values by which you live your life? What are your passions? What do you want to accomplish?

At Clerestory Advisors Inc., we shed light on all areas of your financial life, so you can see the big picture. We believe a financial plan should be based on your life plan – your values, aspirations and dreams for your future and those you love.

As an independent, fee-only registered investment advisory firm, we serve clients with a wide range of financial planning and investment needs in the Twin Cities area.  As a fiduciary, we act in our clients’ best interest and are only compensated by you.  As your trusted financial partner, we help support you whether planning for future retirement, financing a child’s college education or transitioning into an independent life after divorce.

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