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Malware Protection

Do you really need antivirus software on your home computers? Yes. The Internet is increasingly awash with creative malware that can severely damage your computer, destroy your files, and embed themselves quietly in your operating system, sending information that can be used by identity theft thieves, or allow hackers to turn your computer into a spam machine.

Antivirus software companies monitor the Web in real time. They are constantly identifying new strains of malware and providing updates to their software that will look for the “symptoms” of every known virus, isolate it and allow you to remove it before it has a chance to damage your files, send compromising information or invite your friends and neighbors to purchase online porn.

Top10AntiVirusSoftware.com has just released its 2015 list of the most effective programs for preventing worms, trojan horses, viruses or malware from installing themselves on your computer. The top-rated industry leader was McAffee Software, which can be purchased for $24.99 a year. Other top-rated programs include Kaspersky ($29.99), BullGuard ($23.96), BitDefender ($19.95), Norton Antivirus ($59.99), AVG ($31.99) and ESET ($19.99). (You can buy any of the programs at a discount at www.top10antivirussoftware.com/)

Understand that like all things in the software world, the best program in 2015 may not be the top-rated the following year. And most importantly, recognize that you need to constantly respond to the free upgrades to your software, because some of the most creative programmers in the world are constantly plotting against you and your security.

By Bob Veres, publisher of Inside Information – the premier publication of financial industry trends and information for leading practitioners in the financial planning profession.