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7 Podcasts to Help You Master Mindfulness Thumbnail

7 Podcasts to Help You Master Mindfulness

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, it can feel like it’s getting harder to stop and enjoy the moment. Too often, we get caught up instead thinking about what’s next on our endless list of things to do. Sound familiar? This is why it’s important to take a moment for yourself and practice mindfulness. 

There are numerous benefits to being mindful, such as improved mental health, better sleep at night and even the ability to refocus your physical health. But, as with most things, becoming more mindful doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it can take work to realign your priorities, promote self-care and stay present. Here are seven podcasts to help get you started on this journey.

Podcast #1: Ten Percent Happier With Dan Harris

After suffering a panic attack on live television, “Good Morning America” host Dan Harris realized that he needed to make some changes. He went on to write the book “Ten Percent Happier,” and created the podcast Ten Percent Happier With Dan Harris as well. In the podcast, he frequently interviews expert guests, providing his listeners with even more knowledgeable advice on the subject. 

Podcast #2: 100% Guilt-Free Self Care

100% Guilt-Free Self Care by Tami Hackbarth teaches listeners to separate the feeling of guilt from providing self-care. Tami reiterates to her listeners throughout the podcast that just because you take part in self-care, you are not selfish. In fact, she discusses the importance of participating in self-care activities regularly. Learn to say no, how to be more productive and a multitude of life tips in this podcast. 

Podcast #3: Mindful in Minutes

Have you thought about meditation, but don’t quite know where to start? If that’s the case, then this could be the podcast for you. Kelly Smith is the host of Mindful in Minutes, a podcast that provides 20-minute meditation sessions differing in themes and topics, which range from self-love to stress relief. 

Podcast #4: Mindfulness Mode

We know how hard it can be to unwind after a long day at work and leave the day behind you. If you are struggling to feel happier, then Mindfulness Mode hosted by Bruce Langford may just be the ticket.

Podcast #5: On Being

At some point, we all feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. On Being With Krista Tippett can help you accomplish more with the time you have as you focus on becoming more productive. Krista Tippett is a Peabody Award winner and can help listeners with day-to-day questions while offering important life lessons.1 

Podcast #6: The OneMind Podcast

Meditation and becoming mindful is not something you learn overnight. That’s why The OneMind Podcast is great for beginners. This podcast is hosted by yoga teacher and meditation expert Morgan Dix, and it is meant to help you bring mindfulness to all aspects of your life, including work.

Podcast #7: The Daily Meditation Podcast

As life gets busier and busier, it becomes harder to find time to unwind and focus on yourself. Even if you have only eight minutes to spare, consider giving The Daily Meditation Podcast a listen. Host Mary Meckley takes listeners through daily meditations, focusing on different ways to manage stress, sleep better, gain focus and find clarity. 

If you’re looking to improve mindfulness in the new year, we hope one of these podcasts will help you start the journey.  

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