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Life transitions

Clients often come to us wondering whether they will be OK as they anticipate retirement. Today, retirement means different things to each of us. It might be transitioning to a less intensive career, doing part time work or dong fun activities and/or volunteering. We collaborate with you developing what your vision of life after full time work looks like.  We work together to create a tailored retirement plan supporting that vision.  Areas we may address include:

  • Social security- review strategies to optimize a benefits plan for you and/or your spouse.  Explain the valuable role that inflation indexed social security can play in your plan.
  • Health care – plan for costs both before and after Medicare age. Provide resources to find Medicare supplemental health plan options.
  • Long term care (LTC) –provide a customized summary of the pros and cons of LTC insurance.
  • IRA distribution planning - evaluate distribution strategies before the required minimum distribution age of 70.5.
  • Retirement investment portfolio – develop a retirement investment allocation which reduces the risk of needing to withdraw funds during a significant stock market decline.
  • Retirement spending needs – develop a core budget based on your expected lifestyle.  Explore the impact of increased travel needs, a second home or winter travel to a warmer climate.
  • Work transition – help plan stock option exercise strategy, restricted stock vesting, loss of health coverage and deferred compensation income.

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